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River and Lake results now available without registration

All results are now available without registration. In order to assist us in understanding and gauging the interest in these results if you do use them please e-mail to and let us know how you are using them and if there is anything we can do to assist in your work.

JASON-2 NRT added

The new River and Lake System has been put live on 23 July 2009, and Near Real Time results from this augmented system are now being generated. The NASA/CNES satellite Jason2 has been added to the system. All Jason-2 and EnviSat crossing height measurements now have statistical data associated with them, comprising the RMS of the height measurement about the mean value, and the number of individual measurements that were combined to give the final height value. Users will see the location of the new Jason-2 results in cyan on the viewer, with the EnviSat results in pink. The data retrieval at individual crossings has been significantly augmented. Information on these enhancements can be found in the Product Handbook.
An example of a combined timeseries using the new processor is shown below for Lake Tanganyika

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Welcome to the River and Lake website, provided courtesy of ESA and De Monfort University. Global NRT products are available to be downloaded by using the above tool and clicking on a continent of interest. To download or subscribe to any NRT or Historical products, please register and login.

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south_america north_america africa_1 africa_2 europe asia oceania
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